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More changes at the AMA

December 12th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Politics of Riding, Racing

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headknockerHeads rolled today at the AMA, at least according to the crew at PitPass Radio on tonight’s show. I listened to the archived MP3 file since I got in late. According to co-host Ed Kuhlenkamp three people were cut loose:

  • Tim Owen – legal counsel
  • Greg Harrison – Sr. VP Membership/Communication
  • Bill Wood – Director of Communications

Ed also mentioned that possibly one other person could be involved in this reshuffling. As we’ve noted here before, the AMA is a business and should be run like one, with employees held accountable for performance. That new president Rob Dingman is shaking up the old-line personnel is a good thing. This is a common practice in for-profit businesses and is quite often required if any significant change is going to succeed. Not that old-timers are bad, but people get complacent, comfortable, and set in their ways. Real change often requires new personnel who don’t have the history and baggage that can come from years of experience with a company.

Nothing showing up on the AMA website about this yet. Not surprising since one of the guys leaving is the guy in charge of communications. More here as I learn more.

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  • Lola Manilow

    Amen Muddy man! I wonder if all these folks who are shocked and appalled understand how much MONEY those cats were earning every year . . . hardly thankless do-gooders for the american rider . . .