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Big Air: a historic photo

There was no such thing as a “whip” back in the day, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any cool big air photos. Here’s a very cool CZ shot from sometime in the early ’70s. Photo found at CZ Motokros.


Racing a Sportsman-class CZ 125

Let’s hear it for Steve “Souper” Clark and the Sportsman-class 125 project code-named Lester! Owned by the infamous Giles Nelson and the subject of ongoing and endless modifications and improvements by “Dr. G” Larry Garcia and “CZ Guy” Lee Holth, this little beauty throws some dirt at the 2007 Chehalis Classic. Nice work, guys! Now let’s see some more.

Project Big-bore lives

Got a call from old-school CZ builder Gary Davis today. A little over a year ago I visited Gary up at his home/shop in North Carolina. I left him several boxes that constituted my CZ380 motor. Back in the day Gary was known for his over-bored, reed-valved CZ motors and his inverted stinger expansion chambers.

Back in ’06 I contacted Gary to see if he was interested in building such a motor for me. I drove up and we did an initial tear-down and inspection on my motor, which had cratered a transmission earlier in the year. I left there around mid-December of ’06 with a list of stuff I needed to source for the rebuild. I went to work on it but weeks turned into months and before I knew it a year had passed. I have all the needed parts now. I Just need to get them together.

But as I said earlier, I think 2008 is going to be a CZ year. So over the holiday I started trying to get in touch with Gary. Finally heard from him today and we’re going to get together in Feb. to start the rebuild.

The motor will cc out at about 408 cc displacement, running a Yamaha 400 piston (I think). Gary also has a dyno in his shop so when we get it together we’ll dyno it and see what it does. Should be fun.

2008 is going to be a CZ year

I’m just sayin’… I think ’08 is going to be a good CZ year. I’m going to get the “Mighty 409” pre-’74 big bore project completed, and the “Mean Lady” pre-’74 250 is almost ready to go, as is. I’m definitely going to make more vintage races this year than last (if I make even one it will be more.)


More high-quality CZ logos

jawa_sign_and_tank_smallNote: These links point to an old server. I haven’t uploaded the files and fixed the links yet. If you want these just contact me and I’ll send them to you.

Once again the fine folks at Practicalia have been kind enough to recreate some high-quality Jawa Chay-Zed emblems for us. And once again I have saved them out in a variety of formats that should prove useful for all you ZedHeads out there. Both tank emblems are saved as a single file. Don’t let the jagged little preview images to the left worry you. These are high-quality, vector files (except the GIF) that can be sized as big or as small as you want. I just took the big GIF and did a quick reduction to shrink it for a preview. Take your pick, but don’t spend them all in one place.

Just right-click and “Save Link As…” on the file format you want.

High-quality CZ logos

2cz_logos_smallNote: These links point to an old server. I haven’t uploaded the files and fixed the links yet. If you want these just contact me and I’ll send them to you.

One of the things that always bugs me is not being able to get decent logo images for the old vintage bike brands. If I want to make some kind of graphic or flyer or use it on the web I have to scrounge the internet and try to find something. And usually it’s a crappy scan of some old sticker or magazine ad, or old race flyer. I can’t fix that for everything, but I can fix it for a couple of things. I had my friends at Practicalia LLC recreate a couple of CZ logos in a vector format so I could use them at any size I want.

First is the very nice red/blue/black Jawa-CZ “Choice of Champions” logo. I really like this one because you don’t see it very often. A while back CZ Guy was nice enough to send me a scan of an original Choice of Champions sticker to use as a pattern. Next is the more traditional black/red round CZ logo. This is the one you most often see on jerseys from Bertus and Metro Racing. I’ll try and get the early CZ tank badge logo next and post it here, too. In the meantime, here’s the two I have in a variety of formats:

Just right-click and “Save Link As…” on the file format you want.