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I Have Gas – ethanol vs. ethanol-free performance effects

This is a story about my own experience and experiments with ethanol-free (E0) gas vs ethanol-blend (E10) pump gas. If you plan to make any performance modifications to your EFI-equipped motorcycle you may be interested in what I have learned. Read More…

Who’s hard-core? My Dad’s Moto Guzzi tombstone

Moto Guzzi headstoneI went to a funeral today to pay my respect to the father of my friend, European Press Agency photographer Paul Buck. Paul and I have known each other since junior high school and back before either of us had a drivers license his dad Jim used to take us to the local motocross races. There’s a great story about someone (I don’t know who) forgetting to secure my bike to the trailer one race and it cartwheeling down the interstate behind us. But I digress… Read More…

2008 Moto Guzzi Classics Piemonte tour

moto_guzzi_classics_tour_2008Vintage Moto Guzzi aficionado Patrick Hayes of Fremont, CA has posted an awesome photo essay of his 2008 Piemonte Tour on a classic Guzzi Falcone. The photos of the Italian countryside are beautiful, and the Guzzi collections are stunning. I am envious.

I realize Europe has had 10x the number of years as the US to come to terms with their history and its importance, but I really admire the way the manage to keep so much of the old, especially in Italy. This kind of trip would truly be an event of a lifetime for someone in the US.

My split personality

279194732_5139fe8f73_mThis is the other side of my motorcycling life – my Moto Guzzi Breva 750. This picture is from about a year ago, as I got ready to ride over to the 2006 Barber Vintage Festival for the weekend. You can see the Guzzi is an air-cooled 90° V-twin. I love them. They sound different than Harleys. Very cool. The big ones sound excellent. Anyway, I was looking at it in the garage this morning as I came back from putting out the trash with frost all over the ground. It was about 28° here. That’s frigid for the South – and I don’t ride when it’s frigid. I’m ready for spring already. You can see my 380 Chay-Zed disassembled over my left shoulder. I’m ashamed to say, it’s still like that. Damn, that’s awful. I’ve got to fix that this winter.