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PulpMX – Matthes and Super Hunky podcast

Steve Matthes interviewed Rick “Super Hunky” Sieman in theĀ  Super Hunky podcast back in January. The history of Dirt Bike magazine, four-strokes, Sierra Club, and other stuff.

MuddyWatersMX podcast in development

I’ve begun development of the Muddy Waters MX podcast. I’m planning to do some interviews with interesting folks from the vintage racing scene; “how-to” segments with some of the folks that do cool stuff with their bikes, trailers, and such; interviews with AMA area reps to better understand how we, the riders, make our voice heard in the AMA, and discussion with some of the leaders of the land access battle. I’m also open to suggestions for topics. Not sure when I’ll be ready to publish the first one. I’m just getting all the gear together and lining up my first interviews. But stay tuned. It shouldn’t be too long.