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This is jumping jumps

This is jumping jumps. It’s not motocross. Don’t confuse the two.

If you want to jump jumps, fine. Go to it. This is cool, too. Focus on it. Try to be the best at it. But don’t get on the track and pretend you’re a racer. You’re not. You’ll just be a 2x loser, not good at either one.

Racing the ski slopes

Mountain bikers have known about the ski slopes for years. The MTB discipline of Downhill started on the green summertime slopes of ski resorts. For people like me, who only want their snow on postcards, riding the slopes in summer is the only way to go.

Now we get this new video of a Jeremy McGrath-designed track on the slopes of Powder Mountain, just outside Salt Lake City, UT.  There’s nothing cooler (hotter?) than massive elevation changes in a track. What better place to get those than a ski resort?

Maybe all the ski resorts should think about repurposing those gnarly hills for summer?

Never Quit: Larry Brooks bails at 1990 LA Coliseum

Video of San Manuel Yamaha team manager Larry Brooks and his famous “push it across the line” race in the LA Coliseum.

Found via Motocross Action.

Trials open house at Goodwood – really open house

Here’s a cool video of Dougie Lampkin giving a tour of Goodwood house. Found via The New Cafe (racer) Society with a hat tip to my friend Paul Buck.

Excellent VMX video from 2008

Here’s some top-notch racing action from the 2008 Nostalgia Scramble at Kendal, Cumbria, England last weekend. The rider in yellow is 67-year-old Terry Challinor. Found via RacerX and artist Rob Kinsey.

Classic formation riding by Italian police


This ’60s-era video shows an Italian police squad riding in some very cool formations. Nice.


The front flip – I’ve been waiting for this

jim_dechamps_front_flip.pngEver since I saw the first BMX freestyle rider do a front flip on a bicycle I’ve been waiting for someone to try it on a motorcycle. To be honest, I didn’t think the physics of a motorcycle would allow it. But, as is often the case, I was wrong. Check out Jim DeChamps practicing front flips for X Games 14. I am speechless. I think I’ve seen everything now…


Two-stroke championship video

Short video of Round 3 of the DEP British Two-stroke Championship. Pretty cool. This makes a hell of a lot more sense than the 4-stroke MX championships now that two-strokes have been all but outlawed from all national and international MX competition.

Big cajones vintage boardtrack video


This is a way cool video. Original footage from a 1920 film made at the Daytona boardtrack. I found this via a post over at the Southeast Vintage MX forum. It was posted on Jockey Journal which appears to be one of several very nice sites by Atomic Industry. Check out their Garage Journal. It’s cool.

1973 Honda cr250 Elsinore jumps 301 feet

Think you need a modern MX bike to get some air time? Think the Step-Up contest at X-Games is a new thing? C’mon! We did it all in the ’70s already. Bob Wills flies his ’73 Elisnore over 300ft off a ramp.