This is a story about my own experience and experiments with ethanol-free (E0) gas vs ethanol-blend (E10) pump gas. If you plan to make any performance modifications to your EFI-equipped motorcycle you may be interested in what I have learned. Continue reading

Ryan Villopoto started 11th and promptly moved up to 6th in the first few turns. From there he worked into 4th over the next couple of laps and did give Cairoli, who was in 3rd, a run for a few laps. But he couldn’t hang with him. Cairoli passed DeSalle for 2nd and was gone. As the moto wound down Villo closed on DeSalle in 3rd but couldn’t make a pass. He ended the moto in 4th. I think he took 4th overall and is now 27 points out of 1st place in the Championship. Nagle too the 2nd moto and the overall, Cairoli took 2nd for 2nd overall.

Villopoto’s bike looked better in race 2, and the commentators noted that he made changes to the bike between races. I’m still not sure he’s got it quite right. Or maybe it’s just his aggressive style. He’s very good, but not quite as good as he needs to be. Yet. Now he has two weeks off to continue his training, rehab and testing before the long run through Europe begins.

MXGP Argentina lap timesFitness doesn’t seem to be an issue. His fastest lap was on lap 1 (1:49.359) and it was the 2nd fastest lap of the race. Only Nagle was faster (1:49.159 in lap 2).  While he dropped off toward the end it was likely due to the track getting rougher as he was still on pace with the Top 3 with low 1:51s.

I expect we’ll see him on the box in Italy in three weeks. But then comes Valkenswaard and we’ll have to see how he does in the European sand…

Today’s MXGP is in Neuquén (Spanish pronunciation: [neuˈken]), Patagonia, Argentina, located at the southern-most tip of South America. From Wikipedia:

Neuquén (Spanish pronunciation: [neuˈken]) is the capital city of the Argentine province of Neuquén, located in the east of the province, at the confluence of the Limay and Neuquén rivers. The city has a population of more than 265,000, making it the largest city in Patagonia.

Elevation for Neuquén is approximately 260m (850 ft.) above sea level and the average daily temperature in March is 18.5 degrees C (65 degrees F). The soil appears to be deep and dark. The general description of the area says it consists of several volcanic rock variations.

Villopoto-MXGP-ArgentinaRyan Villopoto started 4th in the first moto and challenged briefly for 2nd position in the early going, but did not appear to have the speed keep it up. The track had big rollers everywhere and suspension setup for eventual winner DeSalle and 2nd-place Cairoli looked a little better to my untrained eye. Villopoto eventually settled into a comfortable 4th behind Nagle and cruised there for the final 10 minutes or so.

In the first MX2 moto Jeffrey Herlings took a big digger on lap one and withdrew from the race. Frenchman Dylan Ferrandis took 1st, with American Thomas Convington finishing 7th.

2nd MXGP moto coming up in a couple of hours.

Recently there’s been a spate of unfortunate injuries in the high-stakes world of professional Supercross racing and, in the rush to post updates, some of the moto-journalists are mixing their metaphors, jamming their grammar, and relying on speel-cheek to catch their errors. Fair enough. There’s tough competition to be first with the news and something’s gotta give. Maybe they know, maybe they don’t, but I’ve seen this little faux pas more than once. So here’s the deal.

Dear moto-journalists, this is a bone graph:

Bone Graph

And this is a bone graft:

Bone Grafting

There’s quite a difference. Just in case you’re ever in the ER and someone offers you a bone graph I thought you might want to know.

The very cool urban assault-style hybrid motorized mountain bikes made by MotoPeds may be coming soon to a retail powersports outlet near you.MotoPed urban assault survival bike According to this press release the company has been acquired by APT MotoVox Group Inc. APT has patented a carburetor technology called SmartCarb for two-stroke engines which the company claims will push the MotoPed near the 200 mpg range.

In my humble opinion no Doomsday Prepper should be without one of these. In fact, every apocalypse bunker should come with one as standard issue.

There is no good reason that living on the fringe can’t be cool.

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Shand Garcia photoIf you have more than a passing interest in Texas motocross you’ve probably heard of Shand Garcia. In fact, you’ve probably heard Shand Garcia doing the play-by-play commentary at a Texas track. He’s written the only book on Texas motocross history, has a suspension accessory company, serves as assistant editor of Texas’ only motocross magazine, and now he’s co-promoting his own night-racing series. We had the chance to sit down with Shand and ask him a few questions about the business behind the business of motocross in Texas. This is an in-depth interview. If you prefer offline reading here’s a PDF.

The 2nd Annual BERM Pro Showdown series at Village Creek MX Park starts next week. You’re the title sponsor and actually co-promoter. Tell me how the series came about.

The BERM Pro Showdown Series Presented by MOTOREX is a five round Saturday night series at Village Creek MX Park in Ft. Worth Texas, with one round (round #4) stopping at Freestone County Raceway. The series is for amateur and Pro motocross racers.

Obviously with our title, we definitely gear it to highlight Saturday night professional motocross racing in the DFW market. The series came about by having conversations with Village Creek MX Park owner, Mr. Terry Cordray. Mr. Cordray has been a staple in north Texas motocross for many years, and at various tracks, dating back to the mid 70’s.

Mr. Cordray and I agreed that north Texas professional motocross had seen better days. There are a couple of key elements that we both understand…

  1. We understand the passion for amateur riders wanting to turn local Pro,
  2. We understand the need for local Pro talent to try and earn a buck racing. Continue reading

Terry Cordray is a man on a mission – a mission to rebuild his business, to have one of the most successful motocross tracks in Texas, and to make it easier and safer for new riders and families to get into the world of motocross.

Cordray is the owner/operator of Village Creek MX Park in Ft. Worth, Texas. He’s been a track operator and promoter for more than 30 years. And today I had a fascinating, 90-minute telephone conversation with him. Continue reading

If you have visited this site periodically over the years you know there are a lot of articles with a business or industry slant. I’m a business writer and consulting analyst by trade, and an avid motorcyclist and racing fan — particularly motocross racing.

One area I’ve never covered is the essential business of running a motocross track. Though rarely discussed — except when there’s a legal brouhaha of some sort or someone is complaining — track owners, operators, and promoters are absolutely essential to the health, growth, and preservation of motocross. Continue reading