It’s time for a site update. I’ve been working on this site for a few weeks now and I’ve got it about 85% complete. There are a few things that still don’t work, but I’ve picked up a few readers despite not having announced it or publicized it in any way. So I need to say something about what works, what doesn’t, and when it will.

What Works

  • The site search (via google) works just fine. I’ve been backfilling with previously written content since I started working on the site in early November so that google could get it spidered. The AdSense ads also help.
  • The Index of messages is also working. This lists every topic on the site in order of recent activity. I cleaned it up a bit today and cleared out some of the detritus from early development. If you’re looking for something specific that’s one place to start.
  • The RSS feed and e-mail subscriptions (via FeedBurner) are working. Both are ways to get regular updates from the site without having to visit the web page.

What’s Not Working

  • The commenting system isn’t working yet. Well, it’s working but the forms you use to enter comments and messages are not finished so it’s hard to see what you’re doing. Sorry about that. Despite this little inconvenience I’ve still had a couple of people post comments. Thanks. It will get easier soon. Also, there’s currently no way to view the original post plus the comments (the message thread) together. That’s another template I need to complete.
  • I haven’t completed much of the supplemental content – like the About, Help, Contact, or Policy pages etc. While this stuff is necessary I am focusing on the big things first. I’ll get to these after the forms and templates and comments system are finished.
  • There’s a lot of dress up to be completed yet, but it’s getting there. I hope to have all the big things finished by the end of the year.