New message from AMA president and CEO Rob Dingman, posted on the AMA website earlier this week [found via Ed Kuhlenkamp], adds a little clarity to the direction of Dingman’s AMA. In summary, Dingman reiterates his commitment to build member benefits and refocus on those things that are important to members. This is a good thing.

But as we have noted here before, the AMA attempts to serve multiple constituencies with differing goals, needs, and objectives. It is far from a given that those goals and objectives are mutually compatible. I appreciate Dingman’s apparent sincerity and his desire to do the right things, but until I see someone speak forthrightly to the conflicts inherent in this approach I remain skeptical that one organization can make this work. To my knowledge no single organization has ever done this. The AMA has certainly not managed it in more than 80 years of trying. Can they in the future? The first step is to admit that this challenge is real and substantial. Failing that, the answer is definitely no.