jawa_sign_and_tank_smallNote: These links point to an old server. I haven’t uploaded the files and fixed the links yet. If you want these just contact me and I’ll send them to you.

Once again the fine folks at Practicalia have been kind enough to recreate some high-quality Jawa Chay-Zed emblems for us. And once again I have saved them out in a variety of formats that should prove useful for all you ZedHeads out there. Both tank emblems are saved as a single file. Don’t let the jagged little preview images to the left worry you. These are high-quality, vector files (except the GIF) that can be sized as big or as small as you want. I just took the big GIF and did a quick reduction to shrink it for a preview. Take your pick, but don’t spend them all in one place.

Just right-click and “Save Link As…” on the file format you want.