99792628_1f3328383c_mThe first motorcycle I ever bought with my own money was a red 1972 Honda SL70. The picture is my younger brother David jumping the bike across the football field at Moore Jr. High when we were kids. Can you imagine trying that now?

I think I sold the bike to David, but I can’t really remember. I think this picture was before that because at one point I welded (well, my Dad welded) some reinforcement plates on the swingarm and we moved the lower shock mounts forward. This pic looks like the shocks are still in the stock location. But I know it was eventually sold off to someone else and disappeared. Like so many aging MXers, I’m now trying to recreate my childhood by getting my old bikes back. A few months back my long-time friend Ronnie found a bunch of SL70 and CT70 parts up in Dallas somewhere and got them for me, and my plan is to recreate my old bike.

To that end, I just got off the phone with Lyle Mirski, founder and chief bottle-washer at CHP Products. CHP is one of the top pitbike companies in the country and, even though Lyle and I never met, we graduated the same year from the same high school. Net-net, Lyle is going to rebuild my SL70 motor to kick-start my restoration project. He’s pretty busy right now with the big Indy Show and racing season coming up, but by early summer the SL70 project should be well underway. Stay tuned!