Chad Reed did a 50-minute interview with the guys at DMXS Radio this week. It was really good. I’m always amazed at how open and accessible many of our top racing stars are. Only NASCAR fans have a similar level of access to their favorite drivers. I can’t imagine getting this kind of interview with an F1, Indy car, or any other racer.

Which brings up another point – why in the world do so many people hate on these guys? I just don’t get it. In my not-so-humble opinion it takes a real dweeb to get off on carping, whining, and generally bad-mouthing any of the top MX racers. These guys put so much of themselves on the line, give up so much to achieve their success, and have so much talent it’s scary. People whose lives are so small all they can do is complain about this or that racer should go spend their time watching professional wrestling, where they belong.