Racer X added Erin Normoyle to the broadcast team this year and already she has distinguished herself as a darn good interviewer. She doesn’t ask nearly as many redundant, pointless questions as SPEED TV’s female pit reporter, she doesn’t mis-state the obvious, and she doesn’t always sound like she’s struggling to read cue cards written by a gammatically challened 9th-grader. I know SPEED’s team covers a lot of different events, and motocross is just one of them. But still, after a couple of years you expect them to get better. Maybe it’s just the difference in audience – SPEED trying to cater to a lowest-common-denominator TV audience, and Racer X having the luxury of catering to a knowledgeable enthusiast audience. Whatever. It seems to me that the standard Racer X sets would benefit everyone.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not easy to be a good reporter/analyst/color person on TV (or radio.) And it’s not like there is a huge pool of experienced talent to pick from for MX/SX. I’m sure Erin Bates and Ralph Shaheen are nice folks, but SPEED can do better. They’ve already put Leigh Diffey on the roster in place of Shaheen. Now let’s get someone else in the pits and let Bates work in another area.