Here’s an interesting product I came across recently from ISC Racers Tape — Surface Guard Tape. According to the company it’s “a bullet-proof, 8 mil clear, urethane paint protection tape. You cannot puncture this tape with a pen.” It has a semi-permanent adhesive and protects against UV, extreme temperatures, and automotive solvents.

I’ve been using a product called Snider’s Paint Guard from Aerostich to protect the paint on my Guzzi from saddlebag rubs and such. It’s a clear plastic film that adheres like static film. It work pretty good, but it’s hard to apply to compound curves. But it removes easily. I don’t know how well the Surface Guard removes after it’s been on a few weeks or months – especially if it’s been in the sun a lot. But I’m going to get a roll and see. I can see how this would be really good to protect the frame from rub marks around the footpegs after you’ve spent a few hundred dollars for a nice powder coat job.