b8fdeb69-fcc2-4012-9b0a-1d0e0f25ec2cI saw this announcement FIM Motocross and Supermoto Live Online in ’09 on RacerXIll.com today. I haven’t really kept up with the World GP scene and so wasn’t aware that freecaster.tv already have video highlights of all the GPs on online. According to the release:

The FIM Motocross World Championship promoter Youthstream and the online broadcaster Freecaster.tv have reached an important agreement to broadcast the series for free live and delayed on www.freecaster.tv from 2009.

There’s no press release on either the FIM or Youthstream web sites so I don’t know where it came from, but RacerX is a pretty reliable source.

There are a lot of changes in store for American MX in 2009 and beyond. It would be cool if a similar webcast arrangement was one of them.

One thought on “FreecasterTV to show 2009 FIM MX GPs

  1. I agree. Live streaming coverage with an archive will only help our sport. With the current TV package, it’s hard to know what day and time our racing will be broadcast and worst of all it is sometimes at horrible day time slots.

    I know motocross.com and racerx have teamed up to produce some live streaming of speed’s coverage occasionally, and I did see they had archived a couple races, however it needs to be advertised better, so more people know it’s there.

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