eternaltwostroke2If you’re at all interested in the modern MX scene take a break from the mind-boggling drivel that passes for writing in the two-wheeled internet world and visit I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago when I found it but I forgot.

I was searching around for some decent two-wheeled blogs to read. There aren’t very many – as in nearly 0. If you want to read junk from people who’s thinking and communication skills are about 4th-grade level, there’s lots of that in the forums, blogs, etc.

If you want to feel like your having a conversation with a grownup, or at least someone who respects your time, you have to look long and hard. Derek Harris over at EternalTwoStroke won’t disappoint you.

He’s got some of the more interesting stuff on modern MX that I’ve seen. He asks interesting and uncommon questions, poses good answers, and throws in little thought-provoking twists now and then that make you go, “Hmmm.” Notice I said thought-provoking — that’s different from provocative or inflammatory. It requires some effort. I like that. Maybe you will, too.