Here’s a great MX story by Rick Sieman, aka Super Hunky, rider, racer, and former editor of Dirt Bike Magazine. Hunky has been everywhere, done everything, and has more stories than any 10 normal people. He’s an undisputed icon in the dirt bike world.

My friend and fellow Weedie Bill Ramsey, owner of Motorcycle Accessory Shop in Mesa, AZ, recorded this little video at an AZ awards banquet. Bill wants some support to get Rick to sit down with a mic and a video camera and record lots of his stories. Rick has already put his stories into the highly entertaining book “Monkey Butt” (available on his site,) but I think video is a fantastic idea. Video can capture a person in a way that print never can. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it’s bad. But this sample shows that with Rick, it’s good.

As many of you know, Rick is battling prostate cancer. Things look good for him at present, and all our hopes are that he continues for a full recovery. But this still serves as a reminder that none of our legends live forever and now is a great time to get SH to put his legacy on video.

If you would also like to see this please take a moment to post a comment in support. Maybe we can show enough enthusiasm that Rick will take the bait.