I found my favorite alpinestars street gloves today. I’ve been looking for them since the weather turned nice in the spring and I started riding with vented gloves again. I knew they weren’t “lost” inasmuch as they were just misplaced. I knew they were in the house somewhere, but I couldn’t find them.

So I went out shopping for replacement gloves in the spring. Alpinestars doesn’t make the Alloy model anymore (naturally) and none of their current gloves fit like I wanted. Neither did anything else, so I bought a pair of Frank Thomas gloves from Cycle Gear. They fit ok, but not great, and are not nearly as nice as the alpinestars Alloy model I had.

I’m really particular about the way gloves (all my gear, actually) fit, and I always have a hard time finding a pair that I like. It doesn’t matter how much they cost — I find the $150/pr gloves just as uncomfortable as the $50/pr, so when I find a pair that I like I try to hang onto them until they are worn completely out. I’ve been wearing the same pair of ragged Fox Dirt Paws off-road gloves since 1997. They’re shabby, but they fit.

Today I was looking for something else and I found the gloves stuffed in a drawer in a nightstand. I have no idea why they were there — there wasn’t anything else motorcycle related in that drawer. Maybe I put them there. Maybe someone else did. I don’t know. But we’re reunited and it feels so good…