Here’s your government at work, again. This time the morons in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative — the bureaucratic jackasses responsible for trying to globally mandate ridiculous, user-hostile, US Copyright laws written for the benefit of Disney and Hollywood — are trying to use small- and mid-displacement European motorcycles as a bargaining chip in a pissing match over hormone-fed beef.

The deal is that Europe doesn’t want hormone-fed beef. I don’t blame them. But the US says it’s fine. Good stuff. And we should be allowed to sell it in Europe despite the fact they don’t want it. The US got the World Trade Organization (WTO) to agree with them, but Europe refuses to lift the 20-year ban.

So the Beef Lobby, a vehicle of the massive US agribusiness oligopoly, has convinced the Trade Rep they should go out and tax all the Euro products they think people won’t fight back over.

Once again, big business writes the policies that affect us all, and writes them to their own advantage without regard for what it means to real people like you and me. I don’t know who to contact on this. The Trade Rep is taking comments until Dec. 8. Let’s hope that someone hits these guys with a clue-x-4. Motorcycles don’t belong in an agriculture trade dispute. Here’s the letter (pdf) the AMA sent to the Trade Rep.