I was talking to a friend today, reminiscing about when I was a kid and first learning about MX. I got my first mini-bike — a Briggs & Stratton-engined number with 10″ inch wheels — when I was 9 (I think.) But I clearly remember sitting in my fifth-grade class at Bell Elementary in Tyler, TX drawing pictures of dirt bikes, mostly the Suzukis of DeCoster, and Robert.

That would have been in 1970. A childhood friend, Greg Berkhouse, and I used to draw pictures in class and sell them to fellow students for $.10 – $.25 each. By 1972 I had saved enough paper route money to pay for a Honda SL70 – my pride and joy. It cost $452 brand new. I used to sit in class in Jr. High (what’s now called Middle School) and read Dirt Bike, Modern Cycle, and Motocross Action instead of the text books.

Man, those were the days. What was your childhood passion?