The US House of Representatives unceremoniously approved H.R. 146: Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Battlefield Protection Act last week. The eco-Nazi’s are ecstatic at all the new places they can put up “Do Not Enter” and “Keep Out” signs on 2.1 million acres of American public land.

Preserved for their use and their use only — the arrogant, self-anointed elitists and their faux moral superiority. All of them sit around in their electrically-heated homes — watching their TVs and playing on their computers — using all the things that hard-working American engineers and thinkers and businessmen designed and developed and produced.

They enjoy all this while complaining and carping and crying about it like like whining children. They do painfully stupid, meaningless things like turning their lights out for an hour and then parade around as if they’ve made a statement for mankind. Give me a break. It’s the same kind of do-nothing do-goodery that let’s people puff up over a “click this link and someone, somewhere will donate a penny to a starving child in Africa” campaigns.

It’s quite sad that we have all sat on our asses for so long and let these self-serving fools get in charge. If you want my respect live on a farm. Grow your own damn food. Weave your own cotton. Get off the grid and stop sucking electricity from coal-fired power plants. Ride a fucking horse and stop parading around in your battery-powered hybrid that has a lower overall energy efficiency rating that a well-maintained internal combustion engine you useless, hypocritical piece of human refuse.

But do not run around here claiming you’re saving the planet. Some poor, nearsighted sportsman who’s forced to hunt near residential areas now may mistake you for a nice, fat doe…

The European embrace of lightweight, lower-cost two-strokes for motocross continues with this formal announcement of a 125cc European Championship that will run in concert with the FIM MX1/MX2 Championships in 2010.

According to the release, Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo says the new series is designed to help young riders and their families reduce costs. It can’t be long until the US follows suit.

It makes a lot of sense to have a 125cc class as the entry level for the pro ranks. The 125cc Championships served a good purpose for many years. It’s time they came back.

As noted in the post below, the Senate is holding the final vote on H.R. 146: Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Battlefield Protection Act, the vehicle used to sneak in the Omnibus Lands Bill of 2009 as a 1,300-page amendment, tomorrow.

This bill is very likely to pass, and summarily lock up 2.1 million acres of Public Land, eliminating motorized access for responsible Americans. This is a travesty, foisted on us by eco-Nazis and politicians that are either gutless or wrongheaded.

It’s not too late. Please call your Senators’ Washington D.C. office tomorrow morning and urge them to vote NO on this devastating bill. Here is where you can find your Senator’s phone number.

senate-vote-on-lands-bill-smallYesterday the U.S. Senate voted to proceed with a back-door, sneak attack to lock up more than 2.1 million acres of Public Lands making it illegal for responsible Americans to use them. The vote was 73 Yeas, 21 Nays.

The vote was actually a vote on cloture – a way to see if the Senate is ready to vote on a bill. The bill is H.R. 146: Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Battlefield Protection Act and “other purposes.” The other purpose being to serve as a carrier for a 1,300-page amendment that is the Omnibus Lands Bill — a measure that was defeated in the house last week — to deprive responsible Americans of access to 2 million acres of public land.

Given the huge margin of victory for the eco-nazi-Democrats and their Republican-In-Name-Only colleagues, this bill could pass easily. And responsible Americans will be deprived of hundreds of individual areas, comprising 2 million more acres of public lands, without so much as a minute’s discussion or debate on whether the individual parcels need that designation.

Pay attention to how your Senators voted. 15 Republicans voted for this motion, and could vote in favor of the bill. Four Republicans, including my own Saxby Chambliss, did not vote.

We need 15 Republicans to stand up like men (forget about Olympia Snow, who ought to be disowned by the party) and vote against taking away our right as Americans to use American public land. Had they voted Nay on this motion the bill would have been stalled and likely died. But they didn’t. And it didn’t. GovTrack has a full voting record on the motion for cloture.

It is still possible that this bill will not pass, if at least 15 Republicans vote Nay on the actual bill. This vote will show how your Senators feel about you, your right to ride, and your right to responsible use of public lands. Pay attention. And then let your Senator know you won’t forget their vote when your turn comes at the polls.

ama-roadracerSPEED has announced a new, weekly TV show featuring AMA Pro racing beginning March 21 at 10:00 or 11:00 pm ET.

The show is primarily road racing. It will feature flag-to-flag coverage of AMA Pro Racing’s American Superbike and Daytona Sportbike, coverage of other road racing classes, and highlights of other AMA Pro disciplines.

Supercross announcer Ralph Sheheen will host the in-studio segments, Rolex sports car announcer Leigh Diffie will handle race coverage, and former Two Wheel Tuesday host Greg White will be responsible for pit coverage. The show will feature guest interviews, expert analysis, and industry news.

This looks like a really good show. It would be nice if they’d add some Moto-X coverage, but maybe we’ll get there. The on-air talent looks good with Diffey and White supporting Sheheen. I’m softening on Sheheen. If he’s willing to put the time and effort in to really push the sport I have to give the guy props. It’s been a long time — since Dave Despain hosted Motoworld back in the ’80s — since we had a full-on moto racing show. Wish I had a Tivo.

I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that Daytona is and will be the best SX race of the year. Mostly for all the reasons that make it the least Supercross-like of all the races — longer track, no 180-degree bowl turns, multiple soil types, varied obstacles, really rough.

What a wild get-off by Austin Stroupe in the 250 main. What carnage in the 450 first turn. What a T-bone by Milsaps on Mike Alessi. What a ride by Stewart to get back to 7th with a busted bike and probably a bang-up headache.

Great coverage on SPEED — the best all year. The ground-level shots were great. The real-time whoops coverage was very cool. Even the SPEED commentary team is getting better. Or maybe I’m softening up. But Shaheen seems to be learning something about the sport and is less reliant on overblown platitudes. Erin Bates’ malapropisms are much less frequent, and less noticeable.

This says they’re trying, and take their work seriously. I can respect that. Let’s hope they keep pushing to improve — just like the racers they cover.

The racing was good. Lots of action. Rough, long track actually made fitness an issue, not something that happens in any other SX race, really. Stewart took a beating in the first-turn crash that looked, to me, like he initiated it with a little too much front stopper. Front wheel went right out from under him mid-pack and created carnage.

Reed got held up but stayed upright, and made a good charge through the pack to catch a pooped-out Jason Lawrence in the last couple laps for the win. Milsaps rammed the crap out of Mike Alessi on the last lap to take third. Stewart managed to work his way back to 7th.

All in all, it was a great race. The best SX I’ve seen in a long, long time. Congrats to SPEED for really doing the show right. Michael Byrne did not rejoin the race after taking a pretty brutal hit in the first-turn melee. And Tim Ferry dropped out a lap or so in with some sort of ankle problem, also after the big crash. Here’s hoping both are ok.