The new site is live. I tried to keep it simple and make it easier to use:

  • No longer need to create an account to post a comment
  • When you post a comment you can subscribe to it (and nothing else) via email, so you can see when someone responds
  • URLs that show the post title. Old links will still work. We’ve put redirects in place to make sure the old URLs don’t get 404 messages.
  • Type that should be easier on the eyes for folks like me whose eyesight doesn’t like the small fonts so much.
  • More “what’s new” summary stuff in the sidebar. (This might just matter to me, but I like to see it on other sites.)

My webmaster and I have been working for a while on getting everything ready. Moving a site to a new platform and a new host without breaking things is tough, but I think we’ve managed it.

Try it out. Post a comment here and let me know what else you’d like to see or if you find any glitches. We’ll be cleaning things up for a few days yet.