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Is this a prelude to putting the 2-stroke back into the MX Nationals in 2010? The announcement at Racer X is the latest in a string of small things that all add up to growing momentum for a 2-stroke resurgence on the Pro scene.

It’s just my speculation at this point, but MX Sports has announced the 2-Stroke Invitational to run at select rounds of the 2009 National series, including:

  • July 4 RedBud Buchanan, Mich.
  • July 18 Spring Creek Millville, Minn.
  • Aug. 15 Unadilla New Berlin, N.Y.
  • Aug. 22 Budds Creek Mechanicsville, Md.

There is a lot of speculation about whether or not we will see 2-strokes put back on an equal footing for professional racing in 2010. The renaming of the racing classes to 250 and 450, various favorable comments by MX Sports and AMA Nationals guy Davey Coombs, the resurgence of 2-stroke events in Europe, and now a 2-stroke exhibition class at select MX Nationals. Can this be a way to gauge fan and rider interest and build a case for going against the wishes of the Big Four in 2010? We’ll see…

2 thoughts on “Prelude to two-stroke racing in 2010

  1. The 2-stroke issue now is “Where to get the bikes?”

    Idea: Make the 2010 (or ’11) 2-stroke class either 125cc or 200cc. So what if all the 1st-year 2-strokes come from the same maker?

    My opinion: Get rid of the “Open” class.

    Run 250 2-strokes and 250 4-strokes.

    The “Up-and-comer” class can be 125cc 2-strokes.

    Love my KDX-200 & KTM-300…

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