Swan MX Park aerial viewAs I have done for the past few months, I worked track safety at Swan MX Park this past weekend for Round 1 of the Texas Lone Star Series. The weather for Saturday practice and Sunday’s MX race was awesome. But those “scattered t-storms” predicted for Saturday caught up with us about 4:00pm and put a halt to the night races.

It looked like we’d get the track back about 5:30 when a break in the rains came, but no sooner did they get it back in shape when another cloud burst hit and had rivers running through the course again. The red clay that makes up all the night track just doesn’t do well when you get that much water at once, and the night race had to be canceled.

The upside was that the track was perfect for Sunday. While the clay turns to snot immediately after so much rain, it only takes a few hours for it to turn around and be in primo condition.

Over 450 rider entries were signed up for Sunday, and it was the best racing I’ve seen so far this year. There was a decent Pro class turnout as well, with a couple of local boys — Scotty Wennerstrom (250) and Bobby Moore (450) — taking top honors.

Note to #17 in the 125/250F Novice class — you da man! I don’t know who you are, but I watched as you turned around backwards at the starting gate and then worked your way through the pack both motos. A crash in Moto 1 kept you from finishing very high, and I didn’t see where you finished in Moto 2, but I’m pretty sure you were Top 5 out of 20+ riders. Way to go. That’s a real racer.

At first I thought “cherry picker.” But I was wrong. There are a lot of reasons why you stay in a class — especially if you signed up in Novice for something like Loretta’s early in the year. Whoever this kid was, he was working it and gunning to make himself better. I admire that. Good job.

Note to the College Boy rider running in 12th or 14th or whatever — the one doing feeble nac-nacs off the table top. Last time I checked no one awarded style points for racing, and you wouldn’t have won any anyway. Do yourself a favor — put your bike in the back of your truck, put your flat-bill hat on, and go to the club where you can pretend you’re a racer. At least there the chicks may wonder if your lying, but they won’t know for sure. Oh, and next time you take a break from playing MX vs. ATV on your X-Box go read this.

Also of note, there was a bad-ass 45+ rider on a YZ250. I don’t remember his name, but he was from Conroe, TX. Number 255. The dude rode 35+ (1-1), 40+ (1-1) and 45+ (2-DNS). There was some competition in those classes, too. He was battling with 3-4 guys in each class for the top spot. In the heat. So he bailed on his sixth moto of the day. Who cares. This guy’s an iron man. I didn’t do anything but stand around waving flags all day in that heat, and I was beat.

All-in-all it was a good weekend. No ambulance runs, no big get-offs. Looked like everyone had a good time. See you next month for Round 2 on August 14-15.