I saw a little announcement at Motocross Action Magazine titled HRPSports is Accepting Resumes. HRP. The lightning bolt. Immediately I recalled hearing Bob Hannah say during some interview that his wife Terri was running HRP again. I also thought about the Jimmy Weinert Training Facility and the Jimmy Weinert Racing team that’s competing in both AMA Supercross and the American MX Nationals this year. I bet I’m not alone in thinking, “Is Hannah getting back into the sport in some way?”

The answer is no. I went to the HRPSports website and looked around a little. Hmm. Flak Jak chest protectors.  HRP lightning bolt jerseys. But hold on… On the History page the owners of HRPSports provide a clear explanation of the relationship (or lack thereof) between HRPSports, Hannah Racing Products, and Bob and Terri Hannah. In short, there is no relationship. According to the HRPSports site the owners bought all the assets of Hannah Racing Products out of bankruptcy court in 1989 and have run the company ever since.

In 2007 Bob and Terri established Hannah Racing Products LLC to sell Bob Hannah memorabilia. This created some understandable confusion. The companies seems to have worked out an  agreement whereby they sell similar, but not identical, “replica” jerseys. But that seems to be the only overlap. If you want an updated, “old school” Flak Jak chest protector or other protective gear visit HRPSports. If you want Bob Hannah’s signature or some Bob Hannah DVDs visit Hannah Racing Products.