If you have visited this site periodically over the years you know there are a lot of articles with a business or industry slant. I’m a business writer and consulting analyst by trade, and an avid motorcyclist and racing fan — particularly motocross racing.

One area I’ve never covered is the essential business of running a motocross track. Though rarely discussed — except when there’s a legal brouhaha of some sort or someone is complaining — track owners, operators, and promoters are absolutely essential to the health, growth, and preservation of motocross.

Without tracks you probably aren’t going to ride, brother. And you sure aren’t going to race. From the legendary Edison Dye and iconic Stu Peters, to modern mega-promoters like Bud Feldkamp and David Claybaugh, the history of US motocross tracks and events is filled with characters large and small. These are the people who provide the framework upon which the rest of the sport is built.

To be sure they’re not all saints, and the sport has had its share of dubious events and promoters. But for the most part the men and women who run the tracks of America do a great job providing a service we can’t do without.

Across the US there are more than 500 motocross tracks in operation at any given time — ranging from small, backwoods facilities operated as a sideline to closed-door practice facilities to massive pro-level, multi-track event venues. Operators range from good ole’ boys working off a wing and a prayer because they want a place to ride, to full-time businessmen making a quite respectable living.

The goal is to dig into this obvious yet nearly invisible aspect of the sport we love, to find the characters and the innovators, to learn from them, and to bring some of their stories to light.

To get started I’ve enlisted the help of Shand Garcia of Holeshot Magazine. Shand knows his way around the amateur and local pro motocross scenes in Texas. With his help I’ll be working the next few weeks to setup some interviews and visits to top tracks in Texas. Shortly after that you’ll begin to see the results here on MuddyWatersMX.net, and maybe a few other places around the web.

If you want to know how the best operators build a successful business in racing stay tuned. We’re on the gate and revving the throttle.