Terry Cordray is a man on a mission – a mission to rebuild his business, to have one of the most successful motocross tracks in Texas, and to make it easier and safer for new riders and families to get into the world of motocross.

Cordray is the owner/operator of Village Creek MX Park in Ft. Worth, Texas. He’s been a track operator and promoter for more than 30 years. And today I had a fascinating, 90-minute telephone conversation with him.

Like many in this industry, Cordray has had his ups and downs. He’s seen some really, really good times. And he’s seen some really bad ones. Through it all he’s maintained a love for the sport, a love for the art of track building, and a love for creating that special atmosphere you can only get at the Saturday night races.

When you talk to a man who loves his work, it’s obvious. Good times or bad, enthusiasm has a way of shining through. The creaking economy doesn’t have Cordray down. His race attendance is up, his fan attendance is up, and he’s got a big series starting a in few weeks. He’s got stories galore and, at some point, has probably hung out with most of the people who make up Texas motocross history.

Cordray also has some innovative and interesting ideas on what to do next to grow grass-roots participation and introduce young riders and families to motocross.

Watch this site for an in-depth profile of Courdray in the not-too-distant future. I’ll be following his efforts as he promotes the 2nd Annual Berm Motorsports Pro Showdown Series Presented by Motorex. It should be a fun ride.