Today’s MXGP is in Neuquén (Spanish pronunciation: [neuˈken]), Patagonia, Argentina, located at the southern-most tip of South America. From Wikipedia:

Neuquén (Spanish pronunciation: [neuˈken]) is the capital city of the Argentine province of Neuquén, located in the east of the province, at the confluence of the Limay and Neuquén rivers. The city has a population of more than 265,000, making it the largest city in Patagonia.

Elevation for Neuquén is approximately 260m (850 ft.) above sea level and the average daily temperature in March is 18.5 degrees C (65 degrees F). The soil appears to be deep and dark. The general description of the area says it consists of several volcanic rock variations.

Villopoto-MXGP-ArgentinaRyan Villopoto started 4th in the first moto and challenged briefly for 2nd position in the early going, but did not appear to have the speed keep it up. The track had big rollers everywhere and suspension setup for eventual winner DeSalle and 2nd-place Cairoli looked a little better to my untrained eye. Villopoto eventually settled into a comfortable 4th behind Nagle and cruised there for the final 10 minutes or so.

In the first MX2 moto Jeffrey Herlings took a big digger on lap one and withdrew from the race. Frenchman Dylan Ferrandis took 1st, with American Thomas Convington finishing 7th.

2nd MXGP moto coming up in a couple of hours.