The very cool urban assault-style hybrid motorized mountain bikes made by MotoPeds may be coming soon to a retail powersports outlet near you.MotoPed urban assault survival bike According to this press release the company has been acquired by APT MotoVox Group Inc. APT has patented a carburetor technology called SmartCarb for two-stroke engines which the company claims will push the MotoPed near the 200 mpg range.

In my humble opinion no Doomsday Prepper should be without one of these. In fact, every apocalypse bunker should come with one as standard issue.

There is no good reason that living on the fringe can’t be cool.

Matthew Cuddy of posted a great interview with Team Project Two 50 members John Nicholas, Mike Leavitt, and Todd Leavitt.

In case you don’t know, launching a privateer effort into the AMA Lucas Oil Outdoor Motocross Championships is a daunting proposition – especially if you’ve never done it before. Especially if you’re developing a brand new bike with some brand new technology. Especially if your whole team is a grassroots effort pulled together with some buddies.

So the team has had a few missteps and setbacks. They missed Freestone because they just weren’t ready. They missed Budds Creek because they didn’t get their entry in on time. Then at Red Bud they suffered a freak mechanical on the first lap of practice that ruined their day.

But the team is staying on task and on track to make their debut at Unadilla, followed by appearances at Southwick and Steel City. It would be great if they could get in more than three rounds this year, but budget is the biggest barrier. It’s really expensive to travel cross-country to make rounds in the western half of the US.

Still, the team has the chance to make an impact and get some attention. Based on the interview there are plans to add more riders for next year. Who knows, with the economy the way it is, there will likely be some excellent talent without a seat when the silly season music stops.

A top privateer like Kyle Regal just might be looking for a ride. You never know.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a Team Warthog-style privateer effort based on two-strokes? The only option today, given the AMA’s homologation rules, is the YZ250, but that could change.

In any case, it will be exciting to see the two-smoker on the track. Best wishes to Mike, John, and Todd at Unadilla.

This video was put together by some AZ vintage riders — Bill Ramsey of The Motorcycle Accessory Shop made the video, based on a technique he learned from Mark Smith. I struggle to start my old big-bore CZs, and have repeatedly ripped the buckles off my cool vintage Hi-Point MX boots. Not cool. Maybe this little trick will save my boots, until I crash and have to start it the old-fashioned way. Of course, this only works with bikes that have carburetors.

PT50_Banner_21John Nicholas of Project Two50 is working hard with his team to prepare a top-notch two-stroke 250cc bike to compete in six of the AMA outdoor Motocross Nationals this year.

Because the team got a late start on the project they missed the budget planning process for lots of potential sponsors, so they’re looking for support anywhere they can get it. John says they’ll have some t-shirts and other swag available for sale soon. So if you’re a two-stroke fan consider buying a shirt or two for a good cause.

If you’re a business that wants to reach race fans, two-stroke or otherwise, contact John directly via the site. You know the bike is going to get some attention at the races!

Maico 500 Cross

Is this a prelude to putting the 2-stroke back into the MX Nationals in 2010? The announcement at Racer X is the latest in a string of small things that all add up to growing momentum for a 2-stroke resurgence on the Pro scene.

It’s just my speculation at this point, but MX Sports has announced the 2-Stroke Invitational to run at select rounds of the 2009 National series, including:

  • July 4 RedBud Buchanan, Mich.
  • July 18 Spring Creek Millville, Minn.
  • Aug. 15 Unadilla New Berlin, N.Y.
  • Aug. 22 Budds Creek Mechanicsville, Md.

There is a lot of speculation about whether or not we will see 2-strokes put back on an equal footing for professional racing in 2010. The renaming of the racing classes to 250 and 450, various favorable comments by MX Sports and AMA Nationals guy Davey Coombs, the resurgence of 2-stroke events in Europe, and now a 2-stroke exhibition class at select MX Nationals. Can this be a way to gauge fan and rider interest and build a case for going against the wishes of the Big Four in 2010? We’ll see…

The European embrace of lightweight, lower-cost two-strokes for motocross continues with this formal announcement of a 125cc European Championship that will run in concert with the FIM MX1/MX2 Championships in 2010.

According to the release, Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo says the new series is designed to help young riders and their families reduce costs. It can’t be long until the US follows suit.

It makes a lot of sense to have a 125cc class as the entry level for the pro ranks. The 125cc Championships served a good purpose for many years. It’s time they came back.

Let’s hear it for Steve “Souper” Clark and the Sportsman-class 125 project code-named Lester! Owned by the infamous Giles Nelson and the subject of ongoing and endless modifications and improvements by “Dr. G” Larry Garcia and “CZ Guy” Lee Holth, this little beauty throws some dirt at the 2007 Chehalis Classic. Nice work, guys! Now let’s see some more.

gosands_smCheck out this cool custom by Roland Sands Design. Sure looks like a two-stroke motocrosser with road race trimmings, to me. I can’t read the stamp on the ignition cover, but judging by the length it could be Kawasaki. I know RSD is prototyping a new 450 SuperSingle for a WERA spec class that is based on a 450 four-stroke MX bike. Maybe that got him thinking about the two-smokers. I haven’t seen anyone do a custom two-stroke in a long, long time. Very cool.

Found via Motocross Action’s MidWeek Report in the section on the Long Beach Motorcycle Show. Click the photo for a bigger pic.

tsm_logo_blk_webHere’s another helpful and entertaining site in the two-stroke wars — Two Stroke Militia. The site was apparently put together by three guys in the northeast — Jeff Conboy, Tim Weeks, and John Nicholas — and features some of the best analysis and commentary on the two-stroke situation that I’ve seen. I’m happy to see that they’ve picked up sponsorship from quite a few companies that also love the smell of race gas and castor oil.

Check out this page on modern two-stroke weapons. Gotta love that new Maico! Is that cool, or what? Tubular steel frame, two-stroke motor, modern styling… Man, that’s cool. I’d actually buy a pit pass at a National to see stuff like that. Now if they’d just do a twin-shock version…

I’m going to buy one of their t-shirts. Check out their CafePress store and show your colors. I don’t know if that makes me a member or not, but at least they’ll know I’m a two-stroke supporter.