This Seattle Times news story tells the tale of another local battle to prevent legal riding areas. MXGP of Kirkland, WA have a 467-acre tract in rural Washington state, about an hour from Seattle. The promoters want to use 75 acres to build a multi-track MX facility and have gone to great lengths to address noise and environmental issues. Of course, there is no such thing as addressing all the issues where EcoNazis are concerned.

No doubt, this is the future all all riding facilities – new or old – and we had better get our act together on the federal, state, and local levels and begin a coordinated effort across the country to keep our right to ride intact. [Found via Blogandt]

I got to looking around for some new MX news sources tonight while listening to the excellent Jason Weigandt/Jim Holley call of the Minneapolis SX event. I came across, which spiders the net all day looking for MX news and sends it out via private news feed plus a free RSS feed for regular folks like you and me. After checking that out I decided to google “off road access news” to see what’s available for tracking our fight to have access to our public lands. I found some scary stuff.

The first group I found is PEER – Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility:

As a service organization assisting federal & state public employees, PEER allows public servants to work as “anonymous activists” so that agencies must confront the message, rather than the messenger.

Public servants, my ass. This is an organization of self-serving bureaucrats. Not one of them has a real job. To a person they suck the government tit for their sustenance. They don’t add one single dollar to US GDP. All combined they don’t add a single decimal point to our productivity. They do nothing but suck the life from hard-working Americans like you and me in their mealy-mouthed government jobs but they have the gall to proclaim themselves protectors of the planet.

One of PEER’s top objectives is to end what they call Off Road Wreckreation. This list of news releases is filled with the sort of factless hyperbole and screeching histrionics that litter the environmental-wacko-loon approach to news. But it’s the sort of thing we need to be aware of. This is a bunch of people whose salaries we pay, whose livelihood depends on our taxes, and they are dead set on ending our favorite form of recreation.

PEER is also all about Under Cover Activism, seeing as how most right-thinking Americans would resent the hell out of their “public servants” running around screeching about their religious beliefs. You’re free to protest if you have your own money and your own time. But you aren’t free to protest me if I’m paying your salary. But the eco-jihadis are self-loathing religious nuts. After reading a little of their shrill, overwrought news I got nauseous and had to stop. But I’m going to keep tracking this as well as look for other 2nd- and 3rd-tier groups (e.g. not the Sierra Club, Green Peace, etc that most of us already recognize as loons). Stay tuned as I learn more. This battle is serious, and we need to know our enemy.