lemond_spinnerI just picked up a Lemond Revmaster spinner bike for my exercise program. I got it from a fire sale – literally. They guy I bought it from had his house catch fire and the bike was damaged in the fire. It’s pretty smoked up and some of the plastic is melted, but it seemed mechanically sound. Looks like it needs about $150 in parts and a thorough scrubbing and it should be good as new, though maybe not quite as pretty. At just about half the cost of a new one.

Thanks to 35 years of wear and tear on a knee with no meniscus cartilage I just can’t do treadmills, stair climbers, or elliptical machines. Oh, I can do them once, or maybe even twice, but then I’m more or less disabled for 10 days while my knee recovers. That’s not a sustainable exercise plan. But cycling I can do. I’ve been doing a recumbent bike at the local gym, but I don’t like them as much. They just don’t seem to take as much overall effort as a regular bike. And I don’t like standard exercise bikes. They’re kind of crappy. So I wanted a “real” bike, one that felt like actually riding. I like the Concept II rowing machines, too. The trouble is that top-notch exercise equipment is really expensive, so I’ve been cruising Craig’s List to find good deals.

What’s interesting is the guy I bought the bike from was a black man named Justin Stewart, with three kids. Both he and all the kids race MX. He was showing me pictures of the kids with James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael. His kids even did a Honda commercial a few years ago – part of the “I just want to ride” series. Pretty cool. He was a nice guy and we helped each other out. I like that kind of deal.