There is some fantastic news out yesterday — Jason Weigandt and David Bailey will be 2/3 of the broadcast team for SPEED TV coverage of the outdoor MX Nationals!

I have been wondering if we were going to have to suffer through another season of Ralph “Monster Truck” Sheheen — bless his heart. I know he tries, and maybe he’s a good choice for Supercross. Maybe the average viewer for SX doesn’t know a whoop from tailwhip and needs the sort of hyperbole and overdramatization that Sheheen is so good at. But it just rubs me the wrong way. I can’t help it.

Bailey is the best MX color man ever, hands down. Despain/Bailey may have been the best on-air team ever. Emig is good, and has gotten better with experience. But Bailey is Numero Uno and it’s terrific to see him get another shot at a full-time TV gig.

Weigandt? The kid is terrific. He loves this stuff. He knows it inside and out. He knows when there is real drama on the track, and when there isn’t. He doesn’t have to make it up. It’s like having the world’s biggest fan doing the play-by-play. And that is a good thing. Plus, he’s a helluva play-by-play guy. His SX webcasts are first rate. He’s real talent and I am so happy to see him get a shot at big network (well, bigger than Versus) TV. It will make everything about the broadcasts better.

I am “super pumped” about the Nationals. DC, MX Sports — you guys are the best. Way to go!