mccook-racing-header54pxThe latest issue of is out, with two really good interviews. Headlining the issue is an interview with former AHRMA PR Director Alice Sexton. Alice ran for AHRMA Trustee this past December, on a platform of radical change in an organization that is staid and, many would say, stuck in a past that is long gone.

Based on the official platform letter Alice published in Vintage Views and the comments in this interview Alice is a real fireball. There are probably a lot of people in AHRMA who don’t like her, but the lady looks like someone I’d want on my team. Well worth reading if you care at all about what happens within AHRMA.

The second is an interview with Rick Doughty of Vintage Iron fame. Doughty has also been a key part of forming the USVMX movement.

This is a long interview, with some rambling stuff at the front that might throw off some readers. Once you get past that bit Doughty gets into how he started Vintage Iron, how he got involved with AHRMA, what he’s doing now, and how things look to him in the future.

One comment Doughty makes is that the Vintage movement is really strong worldwide, but the stagnant US economy makes all motorsports look weak right now. I know that’s true. And it looks to me that the Euro VMX scene is just killing it with a high level of participation, support, craft industry, etc. No doubt, this is the kind of activity that has convinced Doughty and others the time is right to move out from under the AHRMA banner, despite a general economic malaise. It’s pretty interesting stuff.