full-body-cast360° backflip in a truck is just not a good idea. Last week we noted that offroad truck racer Rhys Millen was going to try and backflip a truck as part of the Red Bull No Limits New Year’s Eve spectacular. Practice didn’t go so well. From Rhys Millen, in the hospital…

After successfully landing the 360-degree backflip three times into the cardboard boxes in training, I am disappointed that our last jump ended in an accident. As I lay here in the hospital with three broken vertebrae in my neck and two compressed and broken vertebrae in my back, I am also disappointed that we cannot perform the 360-degree backflip at the Red Bull Experiment on New Year’s Eve, but I’m happy that I will be able to walk again. I look forward to watching Robbie Maddison do his 300-plus-foot motorcycle jump in Las Vegas

Some things just shouldn’t be done. But I’m sure that someone, somewhere, will figure out what went wrong and try this stunt again. Found via RacerX Magazine. And no, that’s not a picture of Rhys, at least not as far as I know.

Here’s an announcement on Cycle News about the Red Bull Experiment, live from Las Vegas (where else?) on New Year’s Eve. Sounds like quite a party, but just maybe things are getting a little out of hand. Well-known 4-wheel racer Rhys Millen plans to backflip an offroad truck:

Then Robbie Madison plans to attempt a new motorcycle jump distance record of over 300 feet. Well, been there, done that.