This message came via e-mail from my friend Rick Salazar in southern California. With Rick’s permission I reprint it here, in its entirety. There’s some good stuff at the Super Hunky site. I just ordered a copy of “Monkey Butt” and some posters.

BTW, I did this post back in May when I first heard rumors of Rick’s condition. It’s a reminder to all of us about some new developments regarding PSA, what it means, and why we should get the finger every year. Please check it out.

Dear Friend,

I don’t know if you are aware, but our old friend Rick (Super Hunky) Sieman has been facing some serious personal challenges lately.

SH recently found out that he has prostate cancer for the second time, and has been undergoing Chemo therapy. SH is now waiting to find out if the treatment was successful or not. As you may know, Rick has lived in Baja, Mex. for years, but recently had to move back to the US to get his medical treatment. Rick and his wife Tina moved out into the desert of Maricopa, Arizona, however, because Tina had to take a job to help with bills, they have had to move again. This time closer to town, to be near his doctor/hospital, so he could drive himself back and forth. The real estate market being what it is, Rick lost quite a bit of money that was earmarked for retirement and other things due to the moves.

I have been following SH’s progress for months thru a friend of mine who is personal friend of SH and lives close to SH. A couple of weekends ago Rick’s old friend Wes, (who was also arrested back in the day at the same time as Rick) gathered over a half dozen friends with trucks and trailers along with my friend and a few of the VMX community in AZ. to help move SH. SH being extremely weakened due to the chemo therapy was unable to help very much. My friend said Rick was quite humbled that so many strangers would turn out to help him move. Stephen mentioned to Rick that many in the vintage motorcycle community that had heard of SH’s medical plight would like to help, if help would be accepted. SH said he wouldn’t be offended or turn down any offers of help.

To be clear, Rick receives medical benefits from the US Navy, however he has lost quite a bit of money in the moves, and at his age (pushing 70), and condition (stroke, knee replacement as well as prostrate cancer for the second time) he couldn’t really afford to lose that money.

For those of you that grew up in the “Golden age of Motocross” you may remember Super Hunky as the CZ, and Maico riding older brother that wrote of his adventures. Super Hunky gave us the straight scoop about the newest dirt bikes, which ones were worth the money, and which ones were junk. Rick also told us about waging a legal battle against the BLM and the Sierra Club to preserve riding land here in California. Rick was jailed, and almost bankrupt himself taking on the BLM, fighting to keep the Barstow to Vegas desert race going, for dirt riders everywhere.

The reason I’m writing this letter is that the vintage community has always helped out guys in need, and now Rick Siemen needs our help. It is time to give something back to Rick “Super Hunky” Siemen for his 35 plus years of giving to us.

There are FOUR ways to help Rick, whichever way you choose, the money goes right to Rick.

  1. Go to his website and buy his books, CD’s, posters and other collectible items. If you haven’t read his book “Monkey Butt” you ought to.
  2. I know not everybody has a PayPal account but if you do, a donation can be sent to Rick via Simply click on “Send money to your friends and relatives”. Enter Rick’s email address: and follow directions.
  3. Mail a donation directly to Rick Siemen. (this is his NEW address)
    Rick Siemen
    36607 West Cosa Blanca St.
    Maricopa, AZ. 85238
  4. If everybody would forward this email to a friend or two and get the word out it it would help a great guy. Let the spirit of goodwill guide you.


Rick Salazar

Reported on the Cousin Weedy Y! forum (and not independently confirmed,) moto-icon and super journalist Rick Sieman (aka Super Hunky) is undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. Almost everyone knows who Rick is from his years at the helm of Dirt Bike magazine. If you are among the tiny minority that don’t know Rick, he’s was probably the first real journalist to cover dirt biking and is credited with coining the term moto-journalist. Let’s all wish Rick a full and speedy recovery.

As an aside, be sure to get your annual prostate exam. If you’re VMX age you are old enough to need it. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not that bad and takes, literally, 5-10 seconds. Get “the finger” every year, whether you think you need it or not. Also, get your PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test. This test is cheap ($30-$40) and is usually done as part of a routine physical exam for men. You may also want to consider having both a total PSA and free PSA blood test. The free PSA test is $70-$80.

PSA is a protein produced only by the prostate, but it is measured in two ways – total and free. Total is the normal test. But some PSA is always bound to other cells in the blood and only a limited amount is circulating free. The ratio of this “free” PSA to total may actually matter more than the total according to this video on WebMD. Prostate cancer is a pernicious scourge on men. It is said that sooner or later we all get it. Let’s raise the odds in our favor with regular checkups and blood tests.