Mountain bikers have known about the ski slopes for years. The MTB discipline of Downhill started on the green summertime slopes of ski resorts. For people like me, who only want their snow on postcards, riding the slopes in summer is the only way to go.

Now we get this new video of a Jeremy McGrath-designed track on the slopes of Powder Mountain, just outside Salt Lake City, UT.  There’s nothing cooler (hotter?) than massive elevation changes in a track. What better place to get those than a ski resort?

Maybe all the ski resorts should think about repurposing those gnarly hills for summer?

jim_dechamps_front_flip.pngEver since I saw the first BMX freestyle rider do a front flip on a bicycle I’ve been waiting for someone to try it on a motorcycle. To be honest, I didn’t think the physics of a motorcycle would allow it. But, as is often the case, I was wrong. Check out Jim DeChamps practicing front flips for X Games 14. I am speechless. I think I’ve seen everything now…